Outstanding contributions to the advancement of Sports Medicine and Sports Science

• Awarded the quotable FHKASMSS title

Fellow Members must be

(1) an active member for two years or more and is in good standing,

(2) with documentation of substantial contribution to Sports Medicine and Sports Science in HK or overseas for at least 2 years,

(3) recommended from 2 other fellows and approved by the Council.

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Fellow List

  • Prof. CHAN Kai-Ming, Cavor

  • Prof. FU Frank

  • Prof. NG Gabriel

  • Prof. WONG Stephen

  • Prof. YUNG Shu-Hang, Patrick

  • Prof. SIT Hui-Ping, Cindy

  • Dr. CHOW Yat-Ngok, York

  • Dr. CHIEN Ping, Eric

  • Dr. CHUNG Wai-Man, Man

  • Dr. CHANG Hsi-Tse, Joseph Jeremy

  • Dr. CHAN Oi-Wan, Karly

  • Dr. FONG Tik-Pui, Daniel

  • Dr. KWOK Wing-Hong, Willis

  • Dr. LAM James

  • Dr. LEE Wai-Yuk, Justin

  • Dr. LOUIE Lobo

  • Dr. LEUNG Tat-Chi, Godwin

  • Dr. MAK Gary

  • Dr. MOK Kam-Ming

  • Dr. SIU Ming-Fai, Parco

  • Dr. SO Chi-Hung, Raymond

  • Dr. TSANG Tsz-Kan

  • Dr. WAI Heung-On, Jonathan

  • Dr. WONG Ping-San, John

  • Dr. WONG Tai-Hung, John

  • Dr. WU Kenneth

  • Dr. YEUNG Simon

  • Dr. YUAN Yvonne

  • Dr. YU Chung-Wah, Clare

  • Mr. CHAN Chun-Kwan, Hardaway

  • Ms. LAM Sylvia

  • Mr. TSE Long-Sing, Purple

  • Mr. YAU Kai-Ching, Quentin

  • Ms. YUNG Kai-Yee, Kate

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