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Past Events (2024)

(Stay tuned for updates)

Past Events (2023)

每天愛我多一些 Love Myself "More" Every Day Health Talk for HKJC (16 Nov 2023)

Tuen Mun Health Centre Health Talk (Oct-Dec 2023)

Citi Fit Health Talk - 每天愛"我"多一些 Love Myself "More" Every Day Health Talk (28 Nov 2023)

每天愛"我"多一些 Love Myself "More" Every Day Health Talk for HKJC (16 Nov 2023)

Physical Activity and Mental Health Interactive Workshop for HKPF (6 Oct 2023)


Health Talk @Tsuen Wan District Health Care Centre (18 Aug 2023)

Health Talk @保良局譚歐陽少芳紀念幼稚園 (12 Aug 2023)


Sports Trainer Course (22-23, 30 Jul 2023)

AFSM Congress 2023 @Hangzhou (15-16 Jul 2023)

Health Talk @LingU (Exercise and Cardiovascular Health Education Day) (25 May 2023)

講座:疫情復常維持健康生活:運動與營養冷知識 (17 Mar 2023)


Past Events (2021-2022)

HKASMSS, AFSM & AFC Sports Medicine Summit 2022 (17 December 2022, Sat)

HKCC HKASMSS Sports and Exercise Cardiology Symposium (30 October 2022, Sun)

FIMS Conference 2022 - 22-25 September 2022 (Thurs to Sun)

Football Medicine Course For Doctors - 24 July 2022 (Sun)

The Hong Kong Football Medicine Team Physiotherapist Course - 16-17 July 2022 (Sun)


[網上講座] 如何適應新常態 新冠患者重返運動的建議

7th HKASMSS Student Conference on Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and
Exercise Science 2021 cum AFSM Scientific Symposium 2021

FIMS - The 36th World Congress of Sports Medicine

Football Medicine Course for Doctors (18 July 2021)

29th Annual Scientific Congress of Hong Kong College of Cardiology (Hybrid) (9 - 11 July 2021)

單車運動醫學網上講座 (6 July 2021)

Online Open Seminar on Sports and Injuries (6 July 2021)


跳繩運動醫學網上講座 (22 May 2021)

凝動香港體育基金–【運動與濕疹改善】網上講座 (22 May 2021)

第64屆體育節線上體育嘉年華 (April to May 2021)

凝動香港體育基金–【運動「關」你事】網上講座  (17 April 2021)

凝動香港體育基金 –【運動「避」敏感】網上講座  (28 March 2021)

香港科學節2021 x 香港運動醫學及科學學會 - 網上講座 (March 2021)

Female Youth Football Medicine Webinar (6 March 2021, Sat)

(2020 or before)

Past Events (2020 or before)

Scholarship for IOC course on Cardiovascular Evaluation of Olympic Athletes

Visit to the Waseda University, Japan

2018 AFSM Biennial Congress cum HKASMSS 30th Anniversary Sports Medicine Conference


FIMS Team Physician Advanced Course - Porto, Portugal

2017 Hong Kong International Sports Medicine Symposium

The 22nd annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science

The 13th International Society of Exercise and Immunology Symposium

The 3rd International Conference on Movement and Nutrition in Health and Disease

24th Jockey Club Elite Coaches Conference

5th HKASMSS Student Conference on Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Exercise Science 2016

4th Malaysian Arthroscopy Society Annual General Meeting / Annual Scientific Meeting 2016

HKSI International Sports Science Symposium, sponsored by Mr Ming Wai Lau

The 34th FIMS Sports Medicine World Congress

2016 Congress of Asia-Pacific Knee Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Society (APKASS) & The 13th International Forum of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery (IFOSMA)

International Symposium on Ligaments & Tendons-XV (ISL&T – XV)

02/2016 無線新聞 [運動醫療] 運動員傷 醫護助評估可否續比賽

HKASMSS Symposium on Sports Medicine 2016

香港電台第一台 [精靈一點] 備戰馬拉松系列

01/2016 無線新聞 [運動醫療] 衝撞運動易腦震盪 問答試助治理

The 22nd Annual General Meeting of HKASMSS

The 1st ASEAN Sports Medicine Conference 2015 - Enhancing Performance Through Sports Medicine & Sports Science

Football Medicine Team Physiotherapist Course

7th VISTA Conference. IPC (The International Paralympic Committee)

Team Physician Development Course jointly organized by HKASMSS and FIMS

14th Annual Conference for the Society of Chinese Scholars on Exercise Physiology and Fitness – Attaining Quality of Life through Physical Activity (第14屆華人運動生理及體適能學者學會)

12th International Forum of Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Surgery (12th IFOSMA)

6th ISN International Sports Medicine and Sports Science Conference

HKASMSS Visited by 澳門體育暨科學學會

International Sports Science Symposium 2015

The AFSM Executive Committee Meeting

HKASMSS team physicians covered Hong Kong Golf Open

Fellow of HKASMSS

The 25th Anniversary Seminar of HKASMSS

The President of the Sports Medicine Australia visited HKASMSS

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