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Booth Exhibition

With the theme of “Innovations in Sports Technology: Advancing Sports Medicine and Sports Science”, the conference not only aims to provide an excellent opportunity for the students to present their research works and discuss issues with fellow students, but also offers a perfect platform to bridge the engineer, designer, end users, sports industry as well as community to exchange ideas in the field of Sports Technology.

The conference participants will include but not limited to students, academic scholars and professors, national sports associations, sports coaches, PE teachers, athletes, engineers, and general public. It offers an excellent platform for you to showcase your company and ideas to a pool of potential end users. The program also includes a number of networking sessions to facilitate the communication and idea exchange between developers and product users.

Booth Location

Pre-Function Hall, 1/F

Pre-function hall.jpg
Booth Exhibitors
  1. Active Learning Solution Limited 

  2. AusMed Global Limited

  3. Belun Technology Company Limited

  4. Bodylistener Bioinformation Co., Ltd.

  5. Booguu Company Limited

  6. Govita Tech Limited

  7. Health Sports Technology Association

  8. Healthlink Holding Limited

  9. One Measurement Group Ltd

  10. Point Fit Technology Limited

  11. Smart Bright Technology Enterprises Limited

  12. TANITA

  13. Well Being Digital (WBD101)

  14. Will Way Wellbeing RD Ltd.


Ms. Wancy LO 

Tel: (852) 2646-4555 | Email:

Address: Room 74029, 5/F, Lui Che Woo Clinical Sciences Building, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin

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