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Online registration is closed on 2 Dec 2021 5pm

Participants are welcome to register on-site for FREE on conference day (4-5 Dec 2021).

Zoom livestreaming is specially arranged for overseas participants,

please send email to for details.

(Local participants must attend the conference physically.)


•    Please check-in at reception counter upon arrival, to check temperature, fill in health declaration form and collect name badge. Participants will NOT be allowed to participate the event without name badge. 

•    All participants must wear mask all the time throughout the event.

•    Eating is not allowed at conference venue. 

•    There is no specific requirement on COVID-19 vaccination or test for staff or participants.


Please remember to sign-in and sign-out onsite.

E-certificate of attendance will be issued by email after the event within 2 weeks.

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Ms. Wancy LO 

Tel: (852) 2646-4555 | Email:

Address: Room 74029, 5/F, Lui Che Woo Clinical Sciences Building, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin

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